AMS Chamber Orchestra

Congratulations to the 2015-2016 Chamber Orchestra on their appearance and performance at the 69th Annual Midwest Band and Orchestra Clinic.


The Avon Middle School Chamber Orchestra is the elite performing ensemble of the Avon Middle School Orchestra Program. This ensemble is by audition only. It is an honor and great privilege to be a strong contributing member to this ensemble.  We continue this tradition this year by reorganizing the ensemble to create a more precise level of excellence.

Past Distinctions:

The AMSCO has had a storied history in the past nine years. With numerous Gold Ratings at ISSMA, as well as Gold with Distinction ratings, it continues to be an ensemble that impresses and achieves beyond expectations each year. The most recent distinction came with our 2015 Midwest Band and Orchestra Clinic Performance on an international stage in Chicago, IL.


To be a member of AMSCO, there are several items that must be, and remain, in good standing during the duration of the rehearsal schedule.  At the start of each audition, each student will need to provide an “Audition Form and Questionnaire” (found in this packet).  Each student will then audition with the required material and scales listed in this packet.  Auditions will be in person and videotaped for the director’s usage to play back when making the final ensemble roster.

Once a member is accepted into the ensemble they will need to maintain good standings in:

  • Grades, C+ or Better in each class, including orchestra
  • Good Attendance, absences from school need to be excused/medical note
  • Good Behavior, Attitudes, and Respect: no referrals passed a lunch detention
  • Prepared for rehearsals, each and every time. (Practicing)
  • Be dropped off and picked up on time

For the list above, the director will work with each student and parent individually to come to a resolution or removal from the ensemble.

Ensemble Size:

Size is limited to a max of 46 students. Piano is not counted in that number.  The ensemble may end up being smaller than the max number allowed.


Cost to participate in Chamber Orchestra is $30.00 paid to AMS North. This fee helps to pay for ISSMA Contest, Music, Clinics, Clinicians, Chamber Shirt, etc. There may be additional cost as other opportunities arise.  This fee does not pay for my time.

2017 Information Packet

2017 Rehearsal and Performance Schedule