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Parent and Student Information Form – Please click the button Student & Parent Information Form  to fill out and complete the information that is requested. Your information is safe and will not be shared with anyone.

Private Lesson Request – Please click the button Private Lesson Registration – Middle School  to complete your registration for private lessons. Lessons occur before, during, and after school, depending on teacher, time, place, location, etc.  If you are registering for private lessons, please make sure to check your e-mail, spam e-mail, and phone for message directly  from the private teacher. Each private teacher will complete the scheduling and payment process.




School Owned Cello and Basses:
Avon Community School Corporation provides cellos and double basses for those players to use during the school day. This is to help with and prevent students and parents from having to transport instruments back and forth each day.  The corporation does charge a $100.00 fee for this privilege. The $100.00 goes towards repair and maintenance of the same instruments. Parents will be charged if a student causes damage to an instrument past normal everyday usage. Example: dropping a cello or hitting a bridge aganist a door frame.

ISSMA Solo & Ensemble

Solo and Ensemble is typically held the last weekend of January or first weekend of February. All students are encouraged to participate in a solo or an ensemble or both. If your orchestra student decides to do a solo, private lessons are highly encouraged.  A student is responsible for obtaining a piano accompanist, if one is needed. The cost is $15.00 per solo, $15.00 for piano solo, and $7.00 per student participating in ensembles. A student will not be permitted to perform two solos on the same instrument. Parents will receive more information regarding solo and ensemble as the date approaches. Transportation to and from the site will be the parent/guardian’s responsibility. Bus transportation will not be provided.

ISSMA Organizational
     This event takes place the second weekend of March (Friday Night or Saturday). This is a required performance and all class periods who participate in this event will get information one to two weeks before the event.  That same information will also be posted here.

Indiana ASTA:All-Region Event
    The INASTA All-Region Honor Orchestra takes place at AMS North On Saturday November 12, 2016. Students are selected to participate in this event. The limit of students selected is around 10% of total orchestra enrollment in seventh and eighth grade.   Students who are selected must complete paperwork and return it to Mr. Ziolkowski to complete the registration process. There is a fee for this event that parents must pay to participate.  This fee does not go the school, but goes to support INASTA and their work with string educators in the state of Indiana.

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2016-2017 Orchestra Calendar (PDF)

Handbook_2016_2017 (PDF)

Parent_Student Agreement (PDF-Paper Version)
(Form due Sunday July 31, 2016 at 12:01pm)

What to do if I think my instrument is broken? (PDF)

Back to School Night Presentation (PDF)

How to get an instrument from Paige’s Music
(All Students must have a personally owned/rented instrument by August 5, 2016)

Lost your Essential Elements Book – How to purchase a used or new book.
(Each student will receive 1 (one) free book in 7th and 8th grade).



Indiana American String Teacher Association

Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra 

Hendricks Symphonic Society

Paige’s Music